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“The highest use of capital is not to make more money,
but to make money do more for the betterment of life.”
Henry Ford (1863–1947)

The Family Office is based on a method for managing large private capital. Efficient capital management is in great demand among high net worth individuals and wealthy families.
The services offered within the framework of the Family Office include assistance in developing a family business, preparing and implementing investment plans, managing family-owned property, consulting and assistance in children’s education, purchasing real estate, insurance and pension plans, share values through generations, etc.
The basic principle behind the Family Office – as we at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG see it – is focused on providing comprehensive services and protecting your personal interests, first and foremost for the financial aspects of your life.

We can help you create an efficient Family Office in Switzerland

Tax and Legal Aspects of Family Wealth
The Family Office’s legal and tax services are likely to be the most valuable services to ultra-wealthy families. Thanks to MB GROUP’s team of experts in a variety of different fields (lawyers, financial advisors, business consultants, and tax experts), we are able to evaluate the implications of any changes to a family member’s status (marriage to a foreign national or relocation to another country, etc.).
The Family Office can help you resolve the difficult question of which structure to choose for managing your family’s assets. The proper structure should minimize tax implications for your family and ensure a smooth transfer of inherited property.
Management of Financial Assets
What portion of your wealth should be invested in stocks? Should you prefer a hedge fund or a mutual fund? What percentage of shares in your family’s business should be left to the family, and how much should be sold at a lucrative price? MB GROUP’s Family Office can help you find the answers to these questions and many other issues concerning your family’s capital holdings, based on analysis of the securities and real estate markets.
Assistance in Critical Situations
Sometimes a family may face a situation that requires the urgent resolution of a delicate problem. While these kinds of situations are relatively rare, wealthy families need to be prepared. For example, a divorce of a family member involving the division of property, a lawsuit filed against a family member in another country, or a severe illness.
MB GROUP’s Family Office can help you find the best specialists – promptly and without any unnecessary publicity – to resolve whatever issue your family may be facing. Such delicate but vital issues will be catered for by the best professionals in their field.

At MB GROUP, we can help your family achieve its long-term goals, meet the interests of your family, and work to the benefit of all of your family members. Our Family Office is a one-stop shop that helps to create a dynasty and manage your multi-generational wealth.

Want to safeguard your family capital in Switzerland?



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